Thursday, August 29, 2013

Handmade Miniature Bento Box

After making your miniature food , you need some mini containers to place them, this include mini plates, bowls, trays, boxes, steamers.....etc. You can buy them online or do it yourself. For me, I like to make my own boxes, tray and others,  although it consumes a lot of time to just make one bento box but I enjoy making it.

Below showed my handmade mini bento/Japanese lunch box that I made recently. I can  design my box and use the colour I like and the size I want. Try it yourself!

The size that I made for these 2 mini boxes is bigger than the normal mini boxes that you often see online.

It is very easy to make, just use some wood , cut and join them together. You need to have some patience  to hold the wood when joining them.

I  make many of these mini bento boxes because ......

I will use them on my miniature clay making food lessons to place the Japanese style food in my intermediate courses.  The picture above showed, is done by one of my senior students.

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