Friday, September 13, 2013

日式和风 Mini Japanese- Style Confectionery

Below showed a box of my handmade miniature clay Japanese style confectionery recently .  I have been thinking to make such a box of mini Japanese style confectionery  for a long time and finally I started and I think I will make some more as I like these cute mini colourful cake so much.

Can you see the colourful Japan confectionery inside the Moon?

 The items on the left side of the box do not look like the Japanese Style of confectionery as I need to finish this box at that time so I put in other cakes inside instead. I will try to make as many as I can when I got more time to think of new design of these cute little confectionery. 

Miniature Japanese Style confecionery 

                                 My handmade miniature bento box and mini Japanese style confectionery.

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