Monday, September 16, 2013

Specially for You, with Love

This miniature table is full of miniature clay food and drinks. I made them because you want to use them to express your love to someone that you miss and love.... that's the reason I custom -made all these miniature food and figurines when requested.

I know they will know what you did for them!


    My handmade miniature  Guinness stout beer,  Marlboro cigarette , kopi -O ,duck drumpstick,       dimsum and noodles.

Below showed another set of order , this include a set of miniature musical instrument , a drum set , ukulele and  keyboard  . A bottle of miniature wine and wine glass and her favourite food: steak and crackers and a paint board with brushes.

These handmade items are very small and quite difficult to control when making them.

Miniature bowling ball and pins.

Miniature Musical instrument.

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