Monday, September 23, 2013

Miniature Local dishes

Below showed some of my handmade miniature clay local food for sale. Some miniature food are quite popular and once it sold out I really need some time to make a new one to replace so please let me know what type of food you are interested in . I can custom made one for you if the item is out of stocks.

A table with some of my favourite local delicious miniature clay food! 

Miniature Hokkien Mee ( Size is about a 20cent coin) on a 打包paper is not that easy to make as I need to make 2 types of mee and mixed them together one by one, add in the spring onion and make 3 super tiny prawns and sotong 

A Happy Miniature fish!!! I like the colour.

Another difficult miniature item: Laksa, I only make upon request.. 

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