Monday, September 9, 2013

Miniature Kueh vs Moon Cake

Delicious ,colouful and beautifully designed local kuehs are commonly found in Singapore. But what you seen below is not a real kueh but my handmade miniature clay kuehs.

PS: what you see below is about the size of a 50 cents coin plate.

This is my handmade kueh baulus.

Moon cake , you can only eat once in a year so it is very costly . 

My handmade miniature square, round and half cut moon cakes. The shape does not look the same as I did not use any mold to make them.

My favourite snack:  my handmade miniature kueh tutu....

These colourful mini flower-look snack is agar agar. (Below)

Very colourful mini agar agar..

Miniature cookies, tarts , love letters and kueh bulus.
        Some kuehs and cookies you usually see them during Chinese New Year.

I love kueh especially kuehs that made of coconut , and fill with peanuts and palm sugar. I do not know how to  make real kuehs but I can make very good miniature fake kuehs. 

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