Monday, November 11, 2013

Popular Local dishes : mee pok and prawn mee

 A very good gift : miniature fake Mee Pok and Prawn Mee for those who are going oversea.    I am very happy to turn them into miniature fake food.  These 2 dishes are also the most popular dishes that eaten by Singaporeans.

I made a dried and soup miniature  mee pok in bigger size and prawn and mee 仔 in a smaller bowl.

 This handmade miniature fake food: soup fish ball mee pok is put inside a diameter  5cm  mini 
rooster bowl  

Miniature clay Singapore local dishes:  fish ball soup Mee pok, fish ball dried  mee 仔 and soup 
 prawn noodles.

I have made the soup for my miniature clay prawn mee this time, I used to make dried prawn mee.

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