Thursday, December 12, 2013

Miniature Clay Accessories

If you know how to use clay to make any miniature figurines, you can use them to make into a ring, ear-ring, hand phone strips, brooches,  key-chains and others.

Custom made is available, prices are from $10 and onwards or just come to my 1 lesson @ accessory to make your own miniature figurines accessories.

My handmade miniature figurines accessories  

A 5 carrot (carat)  ring ?  a mini Frog Prince?

My handmade mini Prince Charming ! I sell this ring with (any cartoon character )on top  at $10.

A pair of miniature mee ear-ring

A pair of miniature kiwi tart ear ring

Mini Christmas Pendant 

My handmade delicious mini clay croissant bread ring. 

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