Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miniature reunion dinner set (2)

10 more days to go! Have you prepared your reunion dinner?
This is another mini /miniature set table I made for reunion dinner/lunch.  I made a special dish for this set table:  the miniature yusheng, everyone , ready for lo-hei!

Remember to buy some food for your family to prepare the reunion dinner.

A mini miniature reunion dinner /lunch set table

I made the clay yesheng in this very small size, really take a lot of time to finish!

Miniature clay Yusheng, clay fish, clay broccoli and a big pot of fake rice.....

I made the sliver pot myself as there are suitable size of ready made pot to suit my mini table..

Miniature clay mushroom, abalone and broccoli   

Enjoy your food...

My handmade miniature reunion dinner. 

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