Friday, January 17, 2014

Mee, Noodles & 面 (mian)

I like to eat noodles than rice, so you can see I made different  types of miniature noodles displayed at my workshop. Miniature mee pok, miniature laksa, miniature fishball noodles, miniature mee rebus , miniature mee siam,  fried noodles like miniature fired hokkien mee, char kway teow, soup noodles like the miniature maggie mee, these are all my favourite food.

You can learn how to make these local noodles in the Advance stage.

My handmade different types of miniature noodles.

My favourite miniature mee pok

My miniature laksa 

Different types of miniature laksa

Miniature wan tan mee

Fried hokkien mee/noodles

Miniature pork mee

Miniature mee pok soup 

Miniature mee siam

Miniature dried prawn mee/noodles

Miniature maggie mee 

Miniature char siew mee

Miniature curry chicken mee

Miniature mee rebus

Miniature fried kway teow

Miniature mee siam

Miniature mee pok dried

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