Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Miniature Hawker Stall 111 美食小吃 (part 2)

Making a miniature doll house is actually not an easy job as you need to prepare many mini and detailed items in order to build /fill your mini house. It really use a lot of energy and hard work. But you will enjoy the whole process of making it. Really!

I made a base for my handmade miniature hawker stall is about 20 cm x 15 cm base.

The miniature hawker stall height is about 16 cm , this included the signal board. 

Below showed how I prepared  my handmade miniature food and things that needed for the miniature wooden hawker stall.

Miniature chicken, duck and pork to hang on the stall

Miniature food on a mini metal plate to place at the stall

a super mini basket to put my super mini clay eggs

you need to make the show case with glass on it for your stall, without a show case, the mini hawker stall does not look so real, and make super mini food to put inside

this is the back of the show case, I made a glass  for my show case too.

You can buy this but I like to make my own chopping board and knife to match my miniature stall

make your own signal board and write the name in Chinese, looks more realistic  

I purposely make a base with sand for my handmade mini hawker stall

another super mini gyoza (jiaozi) made for my stall

prepare some mini chilli, garlic and spring onion for my stall too.....

This is the actual size of my handmade hawker stall 111. 

Look from the size of the stall looks cute as those miniature clay chicken, duck etc are hanging there.

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