Friday, August 8, 2014

Miniature Gyoza Dumpling (锅贴)

I love gyoza dumpling so much and never think of making them into fake one, until one day a lady asked me to make one for her.  Here comes my Miniature gyoza dumpling.  I like to eat them with  cool drink ,so I made a very tasty miniature fruit drink to go with.

My favourite gyoza dumpling with tasty soft drink

This is a scale 1: 12 size gyoza dumpling  /锅贴

After making one than I started to make a lot: my handmade miniature 锅贴or gyoza dumpling
You can request me to make more darker colour on the base, ( over burnt effect looks a bit dirty, so I do not paint too much) 

Miniature  Gyoza Dumpling (锅贴) and mini vinegar with ginger  

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