Friday, August 1, 2014

Custom-made triplets doll

To me, every single piece of handmade art work is unique and one and only one in the world.   They may look similar but not the same., I try my best to make these miniature triplets as similar as possible, but still you can see some different.

Handmade may not look so nice and neat compare to machine made or 3D printing, but to me, handmade is full of love and passion and of course, your highly concentration. These handmade food or figurines look so different when they place together with the machine made figurines.

handmade triplets doll ( my client request for no smiling face :(  )

Miniature dolls without expression!!

I like  lovely miniature doll but I must do what my clients request to full-fill their wish. 

Doll's height about 4-5 cm 

One by one, I made and these 2 mini dolls look like twin...

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