Sunday, March 22, 2015

Miniature Hokkien mee vs 经济米粉

Most of my clients prefer  their miniature hokkien mee to be placed on a brown paper than on  a plate. Indeed there is a great different , may be hokkien mee looks more delicious on the paper. This happen to my miniature 经济米粉 too.

My handmade miniature hokkien mee and fried beehoon 经济米粉

经济米粉 is one of my first favourite morning breakfast, I think most of the singaporeans love 经济米粉 very much, because the Q at the stall is always very long  on Sat & Sunday

My handmade miniature hokkien mee/noodles on a brown paper

My handmade miniature 经济米粉 beehoon 

Singapore local food: Hokkien mee and 经济米粉 fried beehoon. 

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