Friday, March 13, 2015

Cute Little Dolls

They came to me and learned how to make miniature/mini dolls from me. I always have a great time and fun  with these couples.   99% of them are beginners, first time making mini doll , I need to pay extra attention on them, but I usually very happy to see these miniature wawa/dolls are so beautifully done and they are satisfied with their art pieces as the wawa look so cute after a few hours hard work!

I custom made the stitch (pre made) as her boy friend requested to give her a surprise.

  JL added a cap for her doll as her boy friend is wearing a hat on that day. 

He was so nervous when I ask him  to make his girl friend"s image,  after trying a few times , he finally made a very nice image for her.  Well done!


Hope all of them  have  a great and sweet memories  in their hearts after their lesson. Thank you!

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