Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Singapore Local Desserts: Miniature Green Bean Soup 绿豆汤 vs 汤圆tangyuan

Singapore desserts are very colorful , they are hot or cold, sticky or clear... , and you can always find 绿豆汤 (Green) Bean soup at the dessert stall in a hawker centre or food court. I made this miniature 绿豆汤 green bean soup for someone who loves it so much. Remember to drink a bowl of  绿豆汤 if you are too heaty .

My handmade miniature singapore local hot and cold desserts : miniature 绿豆汤, miniature tangyuan and miniature bubur cha cha

My handmade miniature tangyun 汤圆

My handmade miniature  绿豆汤 green bean soup 

My handmade singapore local dessert: miniature bubur cha cha

This miniature tangyuan is the size of a 20 cent coin. 

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