Monday, August 22, 2011

How to make a nice miniature tray

I like to put my handmade miniature clay food on a mini tray. So I have made many different types of miniature tray using different types of materials, such as wood, plastic, paper, cardboard ...etc .
Below show you how to make a nice and beautiful mini tray by using hard cardboard.

1. cut out the size of try you want by using a sharp cutter .

2. cut the size you want and  paint the tray by using poster colour, acrylic colour or you can using any colour papers. In  this case I am using colourful tape.

3. paste the tape onto the cardboard or colored it.

4. use bamboo stick, wood or clay to form the four sides.

5. Let it dry. and remember to paint it if you use bamboo stick.

the size is about 6cm x 4cm and 4cm x 3cm

Try it yourself, it is fun. If  you do not have time to make it, I do sell this beautiful handmade mini tray at $3.80 for 2 (trays.)

If you are interested in buying  please visit my workshop on Saturday from 11am-330pm.
Before you come ,Please email me or sms me to check whether there is stock.

You can also visit to see some of the miniature craft materials that I have sell.

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