Monday, December 3, 2012

Clay Sculpture (2)

I spent 6 weeks to finish this clay sculpting- Joker. This is my first time using oven bake clay to sculpture a human head in this big size, so every single wrinkle needs to sculpture too.

This is my handmade oven bake clay sculpture: Joker, my first piece of oven bake creation.

The height of this Joker sculpture is about 20cm x 15cm. I have over baked one of the eye ball, and become black in colour.  Over all I am very satisfied with it as this is the first time making such a detailed face sculpture. although he looks a bit too old and thin! (Ha ha ha....) Well, I am sure I will improve  if I got time to make another one again. 

This is the original colour, paints is needed to change him into a colour sculpture . this will take me another 2 weeks to make it.

This is the side view of Joker/ I do not want to spend too much time on his hair. You can drawn fine lines on his hair but it will take longer time to finish the whole piece.

The jacket is not beautifully done. 

This is the back view of Joker sculpture 

I will try to make some famous characters or people in a smaller size and different way by using this type of clay . By the way, this clay I am using is really , really very hard to knead and press.

 Never stop learning and trying new,  Let's  Start! Have Fun! Be HappyBe Creative!

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