Friday, December 28, 2012

Play Dough (2)

Play dough is soft and very flexible . You can use them to make miniature items very easily. I use play dough to teach my senior citizens student to make miniature craft work. They enjoy very much.  They used play dough and made all these cute little mini handbags during their lessons . I collected all of them and make a simple handbag shop for them.

I used play dough to made this miniature Elmo handbag to show them.

These miniature handbags are handmade by average age 65+ senior citizens.

I made the simple handbag house for them to placed their miniature bags.

Very colourful miniature handbags.

She (80+) is one of the senior students who created those miniature bags.
                    (Lives old, learns old) never too late to learn.

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