Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Play with miniature mold

I do not use mold for my miniature clay food making but sometimes I do like to use the miniature mold for some fun as they are so adorable. Below show one of my designs using these cute little mold, just for fun!

I have made many of these sweet deco from mold and of course  you need to do some colouring after you mold it.  

I paste all these cute little sweet deco onto a cardboard. Make a special gift for someone special on special occasions.  You can come for just 1 lesson to make a unique gift on your own , you can have your own design or let me design for you.  Course fee is from $38 onward.... depends on what type of design you choosing , email me for more details.

From side view

Look very cute and sweet.

Well, although it made out from a mold it also takes some time to finish all these designs as colouring is not an easy job.

Make a gift with your own hands 
The gift that you made is filled with your love and passion as handmade = fully concentration. 
The one who received it will know and feel the warmth inside.

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