Friday, April 26, 2013

Miniature Dim Sum: 另类点心

I think Singaporean love dim sum very much, as you can see there are many restaurants  provide dim sum buffet. I myself do not like to eat dim sum but I love miniature dim sum so much, I love to make make them into different sizes and different way.
Here is my handmade 另类点心, as I combined most of the popular cute dim sum and put them into the mini wooden steamer. Hope you like it.  For the miniature shrimp dumpling, I used a special type of clay to make so that you can see the "shrimp" inside.

You can try to make this on your own as it is very easy , the only thing is that I cannot find a thinner thread for my green fu dai (福袋)。You can use clay to make it if you do not have the string.
As it is so small , it is a bit difficult to make the layer nicely, I do not satisfy with this one, will try better next one. 

I made the mini rabbit in red so the whole thing looks brighter and colorful. The colour of the mini  寿桃 (shou tao) looks very nice with white and light pink

This miniature shrimp dumpling need 2 steps . First finish the prawn (shrimp) first. let it dried completely. Then wrap the shrimp with your translucent clay.

My miniature clay dim sum.

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