Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miniature Clay House (Paper Clay)

I love  different types of art craft, such as  sewing, paper cutting, clay sculpture , drawing, knitting ,etc. So beside making miniature clay food, I also love to make  miniature dollhouses.

  I used paper clay to make these miniature clay house since last week, but this really takes time to create you own sweet dream house. I wanted to put them on a small hill but  I have no time to do that, I will keep it for next time.

                  My handmade miniature clay house using paper clay.

                   Three miniature clay houses stand quietly on my dirty table.

                                                Plant some flowers at the balcony

       I want to make the surface of the clay house as rough as possible that's why doesn't look good in
      photo. But if you see the real house , I think you will like it.

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