Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miniature hawker stall & mini Kitchen

I have shown these two miniature items in my earlier blog. But this time, as requested I made it even smaller. they look really cute in this size.

               Every part of this mini hawker stall is made out from my hands. I cut the wood, I made the clay
              food and I paint it too. The sense of  fulfillment is great.

                          As this miniature hawker stall is quite small, so I need to made or find something
                          that is the right size to use.

                     The miniature clay chicken, duck and pork are hang at the stall. A mini show case is place
                     at the left hand size and some clay noodles and food are made.

              This is my handmade ancient kitchen in smaller version. You can learn this when you reach the
              advance level at my miniature clay food courses.

                    From the top view, I made the miniature steamer too. Every thing is handmade by me
                   except the round chopping board (because it is round, I cannot cut round wood!)

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