Monday, August 27, 2012

Miniature Dollhouse - My study room

Everyone has their own dream houses and I think that's the  reason why so many people like to play the games related making dream houses/buildings/cities. I love playing this types of computer games too.

For those dollhouse lovers, I have designed this basic dollhouse making course for them. Use without any clay to build their home sweet home.  This course is for age 12 and above, all are welcome, from nothing , together we create a beautiful, sweet and lovely house.

Hope you like this miniature dollhouse I have just created.

A very basic simple dollhouse for all dollhouse beginner .

My handmade basic dollhouse: Miniature study room
Compare to my other miniature dollhouses, this is  a very very simple and easy dollhouse. 
After finishing the whole room, I really love it so much , it looks pretty good in real.

                From the side view. I love this dollhouse so much and I will keep it. To all my dear students
                drop by my classroom and take a look.

That's my finger to show you how big is this handmade dollhouse.

You can add on your favourite items to this dollhouse, let me know your ideas and I will help you to fulfill.  

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